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Aybar Still At Leadoff - Tuesday Angels Lineup

The stupidity of having an OBP below .270 continues...

ass-end at leadoff
ass-end at leadoff
Victor Decolongon

Mike Scioscia unveiled yet another stupid lineup for the Angels for tonight's game. It is getting same old same old around here...

Leading off is Erick Aybar at SS
Mike Trout in CF
Albert Pujols DH
Mark Trumbo is at 1B
Birthday Ginger Josh Hamilton is in RF
Howie Kendrick playing 2B
There is Alberto Callaspo at 3B
Batting eighth is the Catcher Chris Iannetta
and Robb Quinlan's jersey embodied by J.B. Shuck bats ninth and plays LF.

The starting pitcher is Jerome Williams.

I love Aybar, I named my DOG Aybar, but this season Erick Aybar is a dog at the plate, on the bases (in his rare visits to them) and even a little in the field (although I would take him over the Brendan Harris option eight days a week). Batting leadoff is a pointless point Miek Scioscia is making to nobody in particular.

Mike Trout gets on base with Pujols at the plate and doesn't bother trying to steal. There is no hit and run on. There is station to station fourth place baseball.

This team needs an enema.