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Wednesday Angels Lineup, 4:05 Start

Don't forget it is a mid-afternoon getaway game...

Three is a magic number...
Three is a magic number...
Harry How

I almost forgot it was a mid-afternoon getaway game. Angels Vs. Mariners, 4:05 PM start.

  1. Erick Aybar at SS
  2. Mike Trout in CF
  3. Albert Pujols DHing
  4. Mark Trumbo at 1B cleaning up
  5. Josh Hamilton in RF
  6. Howie Kendrick at 2B
  7. Alberto Callaspo at 3B
  8. Hank Conger Catching
  9. J.B. Shuck in LF

and C.J. Wilson pitching.

Hard to whine about Trout not leading off on the heels of yesterday's masterpiece but the greatness does seem somewhat dependent on a hot Aybar, which of course we all want but at 29, he is not exactly having a stellar 2013. Trout stole a base last night and with Puols batting one is a little sensitive about that happening - why waste the possible out with Albert's potential always up?

You can play mid games like this all day and all night. Heavy sabremetrics teaches us that the difference between the best possible lineup and the worst possible lineup (pitchers hitting cleanup) is five wins. So we can minimize the pointless lineup shuffle debates although "sabremetrics teaches us" has a ring to it somewhat like "scripture says..." you know where this is going then...