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Angels Win as Buckner Doesn't Bobble Spot Start

Out of nowhere Billy Buckner eats five innings for the Angels in a 7-0 romp over KC.

Ed Zurga


Spot starter Billy Buckner pitched five shutout innings, Hank Conger and Josh Hamilton hit solo home runs and the floodgates opened against the Kansas City Bullpen late to give the Angels a 7-0 laugher over the Royals in Kansas City.

Wearing jersey #31, sacred to Angels fans as the jersey number of Chuck Finley, Buckner allowed only two hits and walked three, throwing 74 pitches and striking out two Royals. Buckner was the first Angel to wear that jersey number since Finley left the team after the 1999 season. It was Buckner's first appearance in the major leagues since 2010.

Mike Trout scored two runs for the fifth consecutive game and Mark Trumbo drove in two runs with the bases loaded to put the game away for good late. The Angels bullpen shut out the Royals, throwing 52 pitches in four innings.

All in All a great afternoon for the franchise - a proper twelve+ season absence of Fin's number (pitching coach Mike Butcher wore it for two months last season when little Zack Greinke had to have his #23) is rewarded with the baseball gods giving an afternoon of greatness to a career scrub, the offense comes around and bursts the late inning dam for a pleasant blowout, the bullpen is clean as a whistle and the shufflebots dance away in the postgame thread.