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Week 08 Results

Weekly Winner: blast21dave (1st), Im4kiss (1st)
Overall Leader: rmhalofan (8 week streak)

Ed Zurga

Nothin' but dancin' robots and sunglass'd squirrels this weeks. Excellent! Let's keep it up!

Even happier this week? blast21dave and Im4kiss who each can bust-a-move to their own beat for grabbing 9 points this week, leading all players! 4 others were close at 8 points, but it wasn't enough! Full results are here.

Overall? rmhalofan can still laugh as he's kept the crown for a full 8 weeks now. The lead is at a strong 6 points over Ant Fan. 4 people are tied for the bronze medal, 8 points behind the leader: angelslogic, steelgolf, atlantangel, Eric in Portland. It's a tight race for 2nd... can the race for 1st get close? Full results are here.