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Angels Hand Huge Lead Back to Dodgers in 8-7 Loss


Every picture is worth a thousand words or a game in the standings
Every picture is worth a thousand words or a game in the standings
Stephen Dunn


The pitcher the Angels did not sign this offseason had a meltdown against them but the pitcher they did sign last offseason had one too, blowing a 6-2 lead in the fifth inning. The eight game winning streak will not reach nine.

This loss falls squarely on the shoulders of C.J. Wilson who couldn't get a rhythm going despite having a five run lead going into the fourth inning. When he was in trouble he would nibble and throw terrible pitches that allowed hitters to wait for something they liked and when he would challenge hitters it seemed he would start each inning with a booming double and man on 2B with nobody out.

Many of the Angels runs came on terrible Dodger mistakes while the Dodgers simply took advantage of mediocre pitching as fits the job description of "major league hitter" which half-scrubs such as Juan Uribe and Mark Ellis. On a night that Matt Kemp went 0 for 5 with four strikeouts the Angels delivered their worst pitched game in weeks, and that is saying something considering that Joe Blanton did not step on the mound.

Once things were shaky the Angels made sure to hit into three double plays in the seventh, eighth and ninth inning.