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Angels Bats Abandon Joe Blanton Quality Start

Halos are 2-hit by Ryu

Harry How

Final Score in Los Angeles: Angels 0 Dodgers 3


Joe Blanton allowed three runs in seven innings pitched but was abandoned by his offense, as Hyun-Jin Ryu retired nineteen Angels in a row at one point as he allowed only two hits in a complete game shutout.

While Blanton's surrendering of a two-run homerun to the light-hitting Luis Cruz might seem unconscionable, nobody was getting to Ryu tonight. And if the fat strike zone the Korean phenom enjoyed bugged you, look at the phrase "Blanton Quality Start" as a tonic to any perceived bias. The home plate ump had a hoochie on the clock back at the hotel because every corner got called for each pitcher tonight and while we could imagine it being a 0-0 tie right now going into the eleventy-millionth inning, the Blue Boys had the inside track on any pitching advantage to be given out.

On the plus side... there was no plus side. The Angels are 8-2 in their last ten, fell into some bad habits yesterday and today and can now blame being shut out on Josh Hamilton having pregame back spasms.