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Angels Alberto-Free Friday Lineup

No Callaspo or Pujols for only the third time in two seasons.

No Einstein Either
No Einstein Either

One of the best people to follow on twitter is Angels Media relations Intern Jacob Jaffe if only for nuggets such as this:

So what exactly does a lineup without an Alberto in it look like?

  1. Erick Aybar at SS
  2. Mike Trout in CF
  3. Hot Howie Kendrick at 2B
  4. Big Mark Trumbo playing RF
  5. Back Spasm Josh Hamilton is the DH tonight
  6. Chris Iannetta is Catching
  7. Brendan Harris will mash from 1B
  8. The other Chris, Chris Nelson plays 3B

J.B. Shuck patrols Left Field

and on the mound, returning from the restricted list is Tommy Hanson. Perhaps it is just because it is the Astros or maybe it's the time of year or maybe it's the time of man but it seems this is a Friday rested and ready lineup that will help us get ourselves back to .500.