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Angels Melt Down Early, Often Against Astros

Pretty lame night at the Big A.

Not a Mime
Not a Mime


I watch the games. You watch the games.

I read the box score. You read the box score.

Was every single Angels player sloppy, distracted and playing like they had somewhere else to be tonight?

When an über-idiot like the OC Register's Mark Whicker can take to twitter after a terrible seventh inning and blame such lousy play on the team being drained from the Dodgers and instead of it being a smirking Dodger-loving shmuck stuck in Orange County smugly implying superiority of a mediocre, moribund Blue Crew, the stupidity-laced tweet actually makes you go ...HUH, MEBBEE...

It is about that bad.

To single out the sloppy play of one Angel would be unfair as the team was terrible as a team. I guess the relief pitchers who did not appear in the game could be removed from blame here, right?

Hopefully, well there is not much hope here any more. Mike Trout played Marcel Marceau with the centerfield wall and gave up on a ball that seemed eminently catchable and like one of those things, every flaw in their play tonight cost them.