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Week 05 Pregame Picks Results

Week 05 Winner: atlantangel (1st)
Overall Leader: rmhalofan (5 week streak)

Jeff Gross

A 2-5 week for the Angels last week... sigh... if only the type of scoring that was going on the pregames would transfer to the field... *cough* anyway...

Week 05 features atlantangel with 15 points! A perfect/max score in 4 of the 7 games will definitely help. Just missing out the top spot was bc56274 despite the superb score of 12. Full standings can be found here.

Overall, rmhalofan has continued to reign supreme and again expanded his lead back to 3. bc56274 has mirrored his week 5's efforts to the overall race to grab second, overtaking monkeys54 who is now in 3rd (in addition to Ant Fan). Top 5 is rounded out with Figgi4life Full standings can be found here.