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Albert Pujols Not in Angels Lineup Sunday

Slugger getting treatment on his aching foot.


Suffering from Planta Fascitis Albert Pujols has played five of the last six games at 1B despite an aching foot. Today he is not in the Angels lineup for the first time this season.

The stupidity of playing Pujols at 1B so much is squarely on the shoulders of manager Mike Scioscia. And today's insidiously patterned lineup is the classic "winner on paper" that deluded Angels fans and front office types alike all offseason.

Erick Aybar leads off despite the Angels losing record with him in the leadoff spot.

Mike Trout bats second despite being the best leadoff hitter in the game.

Josh Hamilton bats third for the first time this season because of Pujols overuse.

Mark Trumbo bats cleanup and has been the hottest Angel at the plate.

Alberto Callaspo bats fifth and you will see why in a minute.

Howie Kendrick bats sixth... okay now get ready for it...

Hank Conger bats seventh and is the Designated Hitter

Chris Iannetta bats eighth and is catching

J.B. Shuck bats ninth.

Yes, it is a "fool the pitcher" lineup with every Righty followed by a switch hitter or true Lefty. Oh, Scioscia is a genius we must declare, he has puzzle-pieced together a creative lineup. Don't sell your Picasso just yet, there is a game to play and other players to overuse, Tommy Lasorda style, ahead in the season...