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Some Angels Have No-Trade Clauses

There are Angels that can be traded and there are Angels that cannot be traded...

Vernon Wells
Vernon Wells

I gave up on the season yesterday. This team is shot to sheet and needs a thorough rebuilding. Here is who we cannot trade:

Josh Hamilton - Full No-Trade Clause

Jered Weaver - Full No-Trade Clause

Albert Pujols - Full No-Trade Clause

C.J. Wilson - No Trade thru 2013. He is under contract with the Angels for '14, '15 & '16

Howie Kendrick - Can block trades to 12 clubs this season, six next season and four in 2015, the final year of his contract. His agent has to submit the list of teams by an unspecified date each year.

So keep this handy, because blowing it up and putting it back together are going to be the subjects on every Angels fan's lips this season.

Oh and I got this confirmation from Cott's which is now run by Baseball Prospectus. Check out the ANGELS PAGE where the fun fact of the day is that Luis Jimenez originally signed with the Athletics in 1999. Let's see, you mean to tell me that the A's signed an eleven year old to a professional baseball contract? Uhhhh... okay so much for the unimpeachability of Cott's and it's attention to detail.