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Series Preview: @ Baltimore Orioles

The last series was exhausting. The Angels are finishing this short east coast trip in the Charm City, Baltimore. Being that they are still on the other side of the country, the Halos will, of course, play in the wonderful 9:35am PT timeslot.

Can we go home yet?
Can we go home yet?
Jim Rogash

Start times: June 10 4:05pm, June 11 4:05, June 12 9:35am

Remember when Mike Trout made this catch? Right, it was last year at Camden Yards. Now the Halos will beeline it from Boston to Baltimore, hoping to get make it home with a series win.

The Orioles are led by Chris Davis, a former Texas Rangers prospect, who has killed the ball this season. Davis is hitting .338 with 20 HR and 52 RBI. He's joined by Adam Jones and youngster Manny Machado. Machado, who can do magic tricks with the ball, has been a key to the O's success. He leads the team in hits, doubles, and triples.

After Joe Blanton's debacle (that even my sister noticed which means a lot), the Angels will show the O's the other side of the coin with Jered Weaver. The ace has pitched well in his last two starts since coming back from a broken left elbow injury. Jason Vargas will also make an appearance in this game. He has been the Angels best pitcher this season. The Halos have won six of his last seven, while Vargas has earned five of those wins. And finally, Jerome Williams will get to work to finish the series. Can he just have Joe Blanton's spot already?

The Angels bats will catch a slight break when they go against Buck Showalter's starters. These guys have not been all that great. Jason Hammel, while leading the O's with 7 wins, has an ERA the size of a hot air balloon. And the other two starters have not been too bright either; however, the last time the Halos played the Orioles, Freddy Garcia came out wheeling and dealing. He took a no hitter through six. I'm very interested to see what lineup Mike Scioscia puts out for this one.

Projected SPs -- Jered Weaver / Freddy Garcia, Jason Vargas / Miguel Gonzalez, Jerome Williams / Jason Hammel

Can Josh Hamilton please not hurl himself into first base while down five runs. Please. As Tim McCarver said on the FOX broadcast, you do not want somebody with that contract diving into first base in the first year of a deal.