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Peter Bourjos Re-Joining Angels Monday Night Baltimore!

Our Centerfielder
Our Centerfielder
Jamie Squire

Centerfielder Peter Bourjos strained his hamstring on a groundout late in a nineteen-inning loss to Oakland at the end of April. Tonight will mark his first game in the majors since after a long rest, healing and diligent minor league rehab in San Bernardino with the High-A 66ers Cal League affiliate as well as the Angels AAA club, the Salt Lake Bees.

Outfielder Brad Hawpe is the likeliest candidate to be sent down as his trip to the majors was simply because of the weekend crunch in Boston that turned out to be a doubleheader. Hawpe embarrassed himself well, striking out three times, failing to reach base and making a a goofy error on a catchable ball to Left Field. J.B. Shuck will see his playing time diminish to the lament of zero Angels fans.
UPDATE: Angels DFA Chris Nelson to make room for Bourjos.

Mike Trout has played a good Centerfield since the Bourjos injury but he will be returned to Left Field. Bourjos is the better fielder by a hair but is a superior thrower form the field,while a noodle arm is Trout's achilles heel as a player. Word from numerous reports is that MIke Scioscia will be batting Trout leadoff so look for Bourjos in Baltimore to come up ninth in the batting order.