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Tuesday Halolinks: Angels Get Soaked In Baltimore, Summer Time Fun

Who cares. (I still do)

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

School let out for the summer around here last Wednesday, and I'm now trying to get into the "summer mode" with my kids. Toss in a goofy work schedule, a possible new business venture, typical relationship stuff, and you'll understand why baseball is so important in normalizing the mode. Even when it's losing Angels baseball...oh, and Halolinks. Don't forget the Halolinks:

  • For some reason, I'm leery of any article that starts with the phrase "In Scioscia's mind". When I read that, I think of an old, decrepit Victorian house with cobwebs and creaking floorboards. Where hours of in-door bunting practice have scuffed the hardwood floors. Pictures of Ty Cobb, Joe Jackson, and Babe Ruth hang from the wall next to the needlepoint samplers with the words "Turn the Page" and "One Atta Time!". No, there are no "Home Sweet Home" decorations in this mindfuck, just the vacant odor of mold. Los Angeles Angels at Baltimore Orioles - June 10, 2013 - "In Scioscia's mind, other factors led to the Angels' 10th defeat in 14 games. Like Freddy Garcia using deception and trickery to give up only two runs in six innings, moving to 17-3 with a 2.67 ERA in 30 career starts against the Angels. Or Jered Weaver only recording 17 outs, falling victim to the two-plus-hour rain delay that took place shortly after the Orioles plated the go-ahead runs. Or the Angels, now 27-37, unable to capitalize on six chances with runners in scoring position."
  • I didn't see last night's game, but when reading the recaps, it sure seems like the umpiring crew was waiting for someone to score before calling it. You know, so there wouldn't have to be a make-up game later in the season: Orioles slosh past Angels 4-3 - Yahoo! Sports. "After Chris Davis hit a swishing grounder to shortstop Erick Aybar for a force at second base, umpire Joe West finally halted play. ''It wasn't raining too hard to play when we stopped,'' West said. ''The field was getting unplayable. And that's why we stopped.'' At least they stuck around to finish...sorta.
  • NO! You gotta look ahead so you'll know where you're going! Los Angeles Angels at Baltimore Orioles - June 11, 2013 - Preview. "We're not going to give up," Trout said. "We're going to take it one game at a time, we can't look ahead. When you start looking ahead, that's when you get in trouble. We just have to take it one game at a time, just keep chipping away."
  • Burnett back to see Dr. Andrews for planned visit - "Relief pitchers Ryan Madson and Sean Burnett were the big offseason additions that were expected to shore up the Angels' biggest deficiency of 2012. Ten weeks into the season, though, injuries continue to beset them."
  • Bobby Neyer (I'm going to call him 'Bobby" if he's going to call the team the 'Orange County Angels') takes a look at why the Angels suck: What we missed: Western Edition - Baseball Nation. "Which team currently leads the American League in Earned Run Average? Kansas City. Seriously. The Royals revamped their starting pitching last winter, and it totally worked. And who's 11th in the American League in ERA? Those Orange County Angels. Last season the Angels' team ERA was slightly better than league average, and this year it's significantly worse."
  • Thanks Chris, we hardly knew you: Angels Designate Chris Nelson For Assignment - "Nelson, 27, appeared in seven games for the Halos but received just nine plate appearances, collecting three singles. The Angels were the third team for which the former No. 9 overall draft pick has played this season, as he also saw time with the Rockies and Yankees before being designated for assignment by each of those clubs as well."
  • Pretty cool graph showing the draft breakdown: Visualization: the 2013 MLB draft. "Comparing demographics to years past."
  • The Diamondbacks are a class oraganization: D-backs draft paralyzed ex-ASU player Hahn. "Out of Mater Dei High School, Hahn was California's Mr. Baseball in 2010. In his third game at ASU, Hahn slid into second base and collided with the opposing second baseman, fracturing his C5 vertebrae. As he lay motionless on the field, he asked ASU coach Tim Esmay if he was on the base. Informed he was safe on the attempted steal, Hahn replied with what became a rallying cry for the Sun Devils. "Damn right I'm safe," Hahn said as paramedics removed him from the field. ASU players still wear wristbands bearing the phrase." Within the post is word the team is offering Hahn a position within their organization. Nice move.
  • Former Angels not getting along: Maddon has harsh words for Lackey - Red Sox blog. ""I’ve always considered him a friend and I still want to consider him a friend, but when it comes to baseball and us playing them, that was a really inappropriate gesture on his part. … He could have been ejected immediately.’’
  • A nice breakdown of the PED situation: MLB and BioGenesis: A Primer - FanGraphs Baseball
  • Also, LunchTime HaloTalk returns. Rev and I will try to entertain and enlighten...