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Angels Rally Too Little Too Late

Wasn't meant to be...

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports


The Angels lost another game where their starting pitcher threw a quality start. A late ninth inning rally got everyone excited but then delivered reality as we have become used to... another loss. Baltimore is a good team, not great and we lost to them two in a row. Perhaps the entire squad oversleeping tomorrow will have some affect on management.

Jason Vargas threw a great game and with the score tied 1-1 in the seventh got a series of two-out bad breaks as a base hit two infield singles loaded them up. Mike Scioscia brought in his only lefty to face Nick Markakis and that lefty was not Ryan Madson or Sean Burnett. Scott Downs gave up a single that scored two runs and that right there is the ballgame. Downs will not get the L but Vargas does not deserve it.

The Angels managed only six hits in the game but two came with two out in the ninth to make a 3-1 ballgame 3-2. Albert Pujols drove in Josh Hamilton and Mark Trumbo represented the tying run with a chance to drive int eh tying run. He struck out looking for his third K of the night and the Angels were off to their worst first 6-games of a season since they were also 27-38 in 1994. That season was mercifully cut short... this one will have to be fought to the bitter end.