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Angels Peter Bourjos Awesome Catch

JJ Hardy must hate us...

catch it CATCH IT
catch it CATCH IT
Patrick Smith

Camden Yards is the home of "THE CATCH" that Mike Trout made last season, robbing JJ Hardy of a home run in the bottom of the first inning of an eventual Angels win under the mound stewardship of Jered Weaver.

On Tuesday night, Peter Bourjos robbed Hardy of a home run in almost as dramatic a manner, again it was in the bottom of the first inning. Perhaps the best homerun-robbing grab of the season, it was a highlight on the Bourjos reel and a reminder to anyone insisting Trout man CF that Peter's presence there is not a cavalier placement.


While it might be pointless to compare the Bourjos leap and grab to Trout's last season, the difference for Peter is that he straight sprinted back to the wall and was in line with the bomb the whole time whereas Trout last year ran horizontal and back to Right-CF. Both catches will be shown in Angels lore a decade from now. It is nice to have a highlight amidst a lousy season.