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Thursday HaloTalk Podcast W/ Sam Miller

Tune in to our LIVE podcast at the link below!!!

Gang's All Here!
Gang's All Here!
Patrick Smith

Our legendary LIVE podcast LunchTime HaloTalk returned with a real hour-long episode on Thursday, at 11 AM.

OUR GUEST was SAM MILLER from Baseball Prospectus. Sam dissected where the Angels have been, where they are going and he stepped on an Apricot live during this succinct, brilliant analysis.

Sam went into the logic of why the Angels drafted so many pitchers in this year's draft and looked deeper at the struggles of Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton among many of the Angel-centric topics we discussed.

Each Week we might have a special guest, we might be taking your calls, who the heck knows... Each Week you gotta tune in and see what Halos Heaven is cooking up as we talk Angels baseball from the passionate perspective of hardcore superfan bloggers - WiHaloFan and Rev Halofan talking more intelligently and excitedly and best of all... LIVE!

So... CLICK THIS LINK HERE to hear ARCHIVED wisdom from on high...