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Series Preview: New York Yankees

To finish the week we have ourselves my favorite series of the season. My local team against my favorite team: the Yankees playing the Angels.

Hey now!
Hey now!
Jeff Gross

June 14 7:05pm, June 15 4:15pm, June 16 12:35pm

Entering the season, one would not expect the current state of these two teams. They would think the Yankees were flailing with Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, and Mark Teixeira all on the disabled list. Then they would have thought the Angels would be dominating with the addition of Josh Hamilton. Unfortunately for us, "they" were wrong. They were really wrong. As of this writing, the Angels sit eleven games out of first place, good enough for fourth in the American League West. The Yankees, on the other hand, are in second in their division.

Everyone is doing just enough to bring the Bronx Bombers success. Being without the chunk of their payroll on the field, the Yankees have had to resort to average players to lead them. Robinson Cano, who is playing in a contract year has been playing very poorly for his standard. But hey, maybe Arte Moreno will throw some money at him? Would we really be surprised? Kidding. Or am I?

The Yankees have gotten production out of Brett Gardner, Lyle Overbay, and... wait for it.......... Vernon Wells. Our favorite man to wear a Halo uniform, ladies and gents, is making Josh Hamilton look like Brad Hawpe on Saturday's game (just one strikeout short of earning a "Golden Sombrero").

On the hill for the Angels will be C.J. "I have the second most earned runs on the team behind Big Joe" Wilson, Tommy Hanson, and Jered Weaver. Last time out, Wilson was blasted by the Red Sox. Before C.J.'s beatdown, Hanson earned a win. And Jered Weaver's last outing was a loss to the Orioles. As long as Joe Blanton is left out from this series or any series, I'm happy!

Probable SPs -- Andy Pettitte / C.J. Wilson, David Phelps / Tommy Hanson, C.C. Sabathia / Jered Weaver