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Week 11 Results

Week 11 Winner: angelsncrkrjks (1st)
Overall Leader: Ant Fan (2 week streak), rmhalofan (Previous Leader)


Sorry for the lateness! Let's get right into the details.

angelsncrkrjks had the best score for the week, by scorin an impressive 11! joeyz34 missed barely by falling short by 2... angelslogic, im4kiss, tanana40 each grabbed 8 points for the week! Full results here.

Overall, Ant Fan has retained the top spot, but rmhalofan has reclaimed it as well! They are both tied with an overall score of 64. atlantangel is right behind, trailing by 1. angelslogic, blast21dave, bc56274 are behind the leaders by only 2 points! It's a close battle!

Full results are here.