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Win $100 Posting Angels Best 2013 Moment (so far)

ADVERTORIAL: Our friends at TIQIQ want to give you $100 in ticket credit for the upcoming Angels game of your choice!

...arguing over the best moment of the season will not get you kicked out of the game...
...arguing over the best moment of the season will not get you kicked out of the game...

You can get Angels tickets thru TIQIQ for any game, but entering this SIMPLE contest will allow you the chance to get $100 in Angels ticket credit. This could mean an upgrade to the Diamond Club if you like! Lots of possibilities!

Here is how to enter: Just go to the TIQIQ landing page linked here and write your Favorite 2013 Angels Moment and you instantly become eligible to win $100 for any game!

All users have to do is enter your name, your email address and your comment at the page linked above - the page is a simple landing page on the TIQIQ FaceBook page, so of course you will have to join the 21st century and have a FB account - or borrow your kid's account and take them out to the ballgame, is that cheesy enough?

A hundred bucks can put you close to the action and you can probably look ahead and figure out which game Jered Weaver is pitching in so that you don't waste a front row seat on a Joe Blanton start. There could be a cool giveaway at the stadium soon that raises ticket prices... but when you have TIQIQ's $100 ticket credit you can get a good seat for swag night - enter at the link above!

Los Angeles Angels tickets are always available at TIQIQ and I personally stand behind the quality and integrity of this SBNATION partner.