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Josh Hamilton's 3 Double Plays Doom Angels

Joe Blanton settles down to strike out eleven Mariners

...uglier than stupid, or stupider than ugly?
...uglier than stupid, or stupider than ugly?
Stephen Dunn

Final Score in Ten Innings: Angels 2 Mariners 3


If you don't know Josh by now... You will never ever ever know Josh...

If we don't bench Hambone by now, we will never ever ever see third place again...

Josh Hamilton had a night to forget but Angels fans might never ever do that. Going 0 for 5 he struck out twice and grounded into three double plays. He left seven men on base. In his fifth Plate Appearance he had a chance for redemption but stranded the winning run on 2B with his second K.

Joe Blanton allowed two solo home runs in the bottom of the second inning, but pitched into the seventh inning with no other opponents crossing the plate, striking out eleven M's in the process. He was helped by some great defense, a running Peter Bourjos catch in the alley sure to make any highlight reel that pays attention to west coast games.

Mike Trout was 2 for 4 on a night that saw the most hideous stadium giveaway item in the history of the game handed out - a Trout Hat that featured a mounted Fish Head pointing out from the center-cap logo slate. Cursed as if it were Snuggy night.

The Angels scoring was on solo home runs - a solo shot by Mark Trumbo in the second and a solo bomb by Alber Pujols in the eighth. In the tenth, Kendrys Morales hit a liner off of Erick Aybar's glove to drive in the winning run, kyle Seager, who had doubled off of Garrett Richards with two outs in the first frame of extra innings.

Silver lining of the night is the realization that there is only four years and four months left in the Josh Hamilton contract. If you start high school or undergrad college in September, you will graduate in time to catch Hambone's final season in an Angels uniform and it will be impossible for it to be any more pathetic than his first.

Los Angeles Angels tickets will be getting cheaper after tonight.