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Angels Lineup: Josh Hamilton Demoted to 7th


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Wait, WHAT?!?!
Wait, WHAT?!?!

Mike Scioscia has a clue! After one of the single worst offensive performances in baseball history, Josh Hamilton has been demoted to seventh in the Angels batting order.

Arte Moreno's mad money is burning down near the bottom of the lineup as the gutless wonder is now sandwiched in between Alebrto Callaspo and Erick Aybar - I wonder if Hambone has offered to have shower-dogs with those tow, minor-league style* you think?

  1. Peter Bourjos CF
  2. Mike Trout LF
  3. Albert Pujols DH
  4. Mark Trumbo 1B
  5. Howie Kendrick 2B
  6. Alberto Callaspo 3B
  7. Josh Hamilton RF
  8. Erick Aybar SS
  9. Chris Iannetta C

So there!

* This is a reference to a scene in the book ODD MAN OUT a minor league memoir regarding the Angels system from a decade ago. It is a must-read for Angels fans and you will want to send Josh to the showers for sure after reading the particular passage referred to here.