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Angels Win-Mike Trout Scores Lone Run on Wild Pitch

Final Score in Anaheim: Angels 1 Mariners 0

Sitting Down on the Job!!
Sitting Down on the Job!!
Victor Decolongon


Joe Saunders was the hard luck loser in Anaheim tonight as the punchless offense behind him could not overcome a simple one-run deficit.

Sound familiar? Did you forget Saunders no longer pitches for the Angels? Hey... that means the Angels WON!

Oh there was that time Saunders beat Zack Greinke by the same score... long ago now...

Mike Trout scored from 3B on a wild pitch to Mark Trumbo in the sixth inning and that made a winner out of C.J. Wilson despite his 112 pitches of nibbling; but the results - two hits, two walks and no runs in seven innings pitched with three strikeouts - say it all: Light Up Your Halo!

Oh by the way, it was the first wild pitch that Saunders has thrown all season.

In the top of the third, the Angels defense shined as Howie Kendrick covered 1B on an Endy Chavez bunt that was fielded by Trumbo. It was a long, smart sprint to first form Howie. The next play was a hard hit liner to the gap in Left-Center but Peter Bourjos covered ground mad made it look almost routine. Trout and Bourjos also made running catches at (although not over) the wall. So the leather was on when the bats were not.

Josh Hamilton was silent in the seventh spot of the lineup. Ugh.

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