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Week 09 Results Ready

Weekly Winners: blast21dave (2nd, 2 week streak), Cal86ed(1st), rspencer(1st)
Overall Leader: rmhalofan (9 week streak)


A 3-4 week... and in fact the scoring for this week was on the light side as well... not that it matters...

Week 9 featured blast21dave (again!), Cal86ed, and rspencer on the top, each scoring 7 points. Ant Fan, LanaBanana, and aggelosfan were close... they got 6 points. Find the rest here.

Overall... rmhalofan coninues to reign supreme... however, a poor showing this week has shrunk his lead down to 3 over Ant Fan, who's sitting tight in 2nd. angelslogic and atlantangel are ready to upgrade their bronze to a better model who are a total of 6 points behind the leader. Eric in Portland sits tight in 4th trailing by 7... and blast21dave and steelgolf are rounding up the top 5.

Full results are here.