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Mike Trout Garden Gnome Giveaway Friday Night! Salt Lake.

Gnome Farm
Gnome Farm

The Salt Lake Bees are giving away perhaps the greatest baseball game giveaway item in history:

The Mike Trout Garden Gnome is free to the first 2,000 fans who get into Spring Mobile Ballpark Friday night for the Bees game against the Sacramento Rivercats.

Looking more physically accurate than any bobblehead the Angels have had since Chuck Finley (which was greatly assisted by the blonde mullet), the Bees are having fun with a superstar who played of the team. Few major leaguers look better as a cartoon character... or at least we assume as most jocks have too big an alpha-ego to play the role of goofing around for a permanent keepsake treasure.

Trout played for the Bees in 2011 and 2012. His Rookie of the Year Award is still the lead story on the team's official site. The Garden Gnome of the Angels superstar in his Bees #23 jersey is sponsored by Diamond Airport Parking.

The Bees are riding a four game winning streak and tonight's TICKETS are only $2.75 as part of Salt Lake's Thirsty Thursday promotion (last night was dollar hotdog might, by the way). Three bucks for a Diet Coke tonight and an affordable regular price tomorrow for a free collectable you know will fetch a hundred bucks on eBay is good enough, but winning baseball associated with the Angels? Wow... could there be more?

If you miss out on this amazing Gnome, fear not, as August 30 is scheduled to be a Mike Trout bobblehead giveaway. No word on how he will rid himself of the accursed gnomish tendencies by then but plan your trip now!