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Pirates Demolish Angels 6-1

...and it wasn't even that close.

goo goo ga joob
goo goo ga joob


Jerome Williams had a bad second inning and Francisco Liriano - who was available as a free agent when Jerry DiPoto traded for Tommy Hanson and signed Joe Blanton - had his way with the Angels offense in a 6-1 laugher over the Angels in Anaheim.

Dino Ebel sent Howie Kendrick home on an Erick Aybar single for no good reason and Howie was out by a mile. He didn't get that nickname THE WINDMILL for his good looks, but this time the breeze blowing around third was on the shallowest single since Sorority Pledge week.

Williams saw nine men come to the plate in the third inning - the fact that Pittsburgh only scored three runs was the blessing that made the game watchable until... well until our hopes were dashed yet again.

Williams was starting in placeof Jason Vargas who will be on the DL for a blood clot in his armpit for at least four weeks.

There were lots of bad highlights that felt somewhat like pounding one's head into a keyboard so I will just do that for the rest of the evening, how about you? BAM BAM BAM. Goodnight.