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Shucks! Pirates Sweep Angels on Bullpen Meltdown

BLUTO has a quality start OH PLEASE SOMEONE TRADE FOR HIM... Because there is little here else to trade that would yield a gosh-darned thing.

Kinda... but not really.
Kinda... but not really.

Final Score in Anaheim: Pirates 10 Angels 9


Joe Blanton pitched into the seventh inning, allowing three runs (and only one of those earned) in a game that featured sloppy innings by the Angels defense and the Pirates defense and the slop slopped the Angels' way early, but with a complete bullpen meltdown what entered the ninth inning as a 6-3 Halo lead morphed into 10-9 Angels loss in ten innings.

Ernesto Frieri gave up three runs in the ninth and Kevin Jepsen allowed three more in the tenth, both meltdowns coming courtesy of J.B. Shuck misplaying balls in Left Field. Shuck was in LF because Mike trout was in CF because Peter Bourjos left the game with a thumb injury.

Blanton's good outing was marred by Peter Bourjos leaving the game early on a thumb injury and that was overshadowed by a complete and total meltdown of the bullpen and then the realization that they had just been swept at home by the Pirates made for the feeling one has on Monday morning after just another lost weekend. And the Angels managed to deliver that feeling to their fans on Sunday afternoon!

The Angels only managed four hits in the first nine innings - but a wild second inning that featured two errors and some wildness on the base paths managed deliver five runs across the board! With the bases loaded and one out and with three runs having scored on a combo of two errors, three hits and two walks, Trout grounded into what appeared to be an inning ending double play, but Peter Bourjos slid wide with an ankle high to take out Pirates 2B Neil Walker and tweaked his thumb on the bag.

The Angels managed to get the winning run to 2B after scoring three runs in the bottom of an uphill tenth... but the attention of Halo Nation to getting a protected pick in next year's June draft could hardly yield a cheer in an almost empty-stadium - up stepped Trout, 0-4 on the afternoon and mighty Mikey struck out to end a heartbreaking game/weekend/homestand/season.

Celebrate the Joe Blanton Quality Start! The fire sale is a day closer!