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Week 12 Pregame Picks Results

Weekly Winner: gluasistheboss (1st)
Overall Leader: Ant Fan (3 wks), rmhalofan (2 wks), bc56274 (1st)


glausistheboss had the best score last week, with 8 points!
bc56274, Big Game Hunter, max peter were just a bit off the mark, scoring 7 points.

The rest of the results are here.

As for the overall race, the battle for first just got even tighter! Ant Fan and rmhalofan continue to keep their grasp onto the #1 rank, but bc56274 now joins them. As all 3 are tied for first with 69 points!

And not to be out done angelslogic, blast21dave, atlantangel are all next in line each with 67 points.

Full results are here.

The battle continues this week!