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Angels Singing in The Motor City Blowout Rain

Tigers commit six errors and the hit parade hits D-Town.

Celebrate Good Times!!!!!!!!!!!
Celebrate Good Times!!!!!!!!!!!
Leon Halip

Final Score in Detroit: Angels 14 Tigers 8


The Angels had an eight-run fifth inning in the first of three games in Detroit against the Tigers and that wall she wrote. With the score 10-2, C.J. Wilson promptly gave up three runs in the bottom of the same frame to make things interesting.

Prior to the blowout, Hank Conger had a game-tying single in the third inning and walked in a run in the fourth. Josh Hamilton had three hits and scored three runs batting out of the sixth spot in the lineup. J.B. Shuck was 3 for 5 with 4 RBI but those were mostly pile-on runs off a gassed Tigers bullpen. Starter Rick Porcello was not impressive and we would be happy to face him on the mound any time. The Tigers made six errors and only nine of the runs scored in the game were earned but all seven surrendered by Porcello were.

Every Angels starter had at least one hit but none of them were home runs. Early on Miguel Cabrera hit a bomb off CJ that is still in low-earth orbit above Michigan's Upper Peninsula. That made the game 2-1. Long ago and far away.

Albert Pujols hit his seventeenth double but crossed home plate quite gingerly on a Howie Kendrick single, so don't think the rocky road suddenly disappears from here on out. But no wet blankets, please, the Halos are soaked enough from playing winning baseball in the rain!