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Tommy Hanson Likely DL Candidate

But who will replace him in the rotation?

...bummr in the summer...
...bummr in the summer...
Duane Burleson

The Angels have plenty of injuries to go around but with a taxed pitching staff, especially in the bullpen, it makes sense to DL Tommy Hanson and call someone up if only to relieve pressure on the other arms in the clubhouse.

Because Tommy Hanson did not pitch at all in Wednesday night's game, he could be placed on the Disabled List retroactively to his last start - June 21, and be able to come back after only missing one more start and pitch on July 6. This is of course assuming that the forearm tightness he experienced is not too serious, not a "real" injury, but rather a cause for Disabled List manipulation, a time-honored baseball tradition in and of its own right.

Who will be in uniform in Detroit for the Angels on Thursday morning? The obvious starting pitcher for Hanson's next start would be Garrett Richards. Having had an exhaustive two innings pitched on Tuesday he would be right in line to start for Hanson's next start on July 2.

Perusing the 40-Man Roster, Michael Roth, currently in AA would be the only conceivable candidate to be called up to start. One of three relievers on the 40-Man roster (Ryan Brasier, David Carpenter and Nick Maronde) could be called up simply for bullpen depth and then sent down for Roth. Or Roth could be placed in the pen as depth.

Reliever Brandon Sisk (acquired in the Ervin Santana trade) is healing from Tommy John surgery and could be placed on the 60-Day disabled list, opening up a spot on the 40-Man for another starting pitcher. Looking up and down the Salt Lake and Arkansas rosters... Slim Pickins was more than just a cowboy actor. Roth makes the most sense as depth with a Richards spot start.

With an off day on July 1 and a few well-pitched starts against the Astros, the Angels may not have to face this dilemma. Billy Buckner facing the St. Louis Cardinals next week would be a lot more reassuring with a rested, deep bullpen ready to back him up.