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Angels Sweep Tigers in Extras!

3-1 final in ten innings!

cool down...
cool down...
Duane Burleson

The Angels swept the Tigers in three games in Detroit and finish the season 6-0 against the best team in the American League Central.

Jered Weaver allowed only one run on four hits and two walks in seven innings pitched. Did he even hit 90 MPH once? Weaver is a different pitcher altogether, conserving strength with 68 MPH curves and slow fastballs that do not match the changeups of other pitchers. But the results (one run to a fearsome lineup) are what counts, right? RIGHT!

Albert Pujols doubled off the webbing of Austin Jackson's glove in the top of the tenth inning. Mike Trout had been on base four times and finally was able to make it home, breaking the 1-1 tie that had lasted since the fourth inning.

In the bottom of the eighth, Michael Kohn relieved Scott Downs with two on and one out and struck out Torii Hunter and Miguel Cabrera to end the threat.

Oh, and this was the game where Brad Hawpe had an RBI ! ! !