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Joe Blanton Paints His Masterpiece in Angels Win

Wow... did not see that coming

Needs its own Poster
Needs its own Poster
Bob Levey

The Astros suffered death by a thousand singles in their 7-2 loss to the Angels today. Peck, peck peck away!

Ever been this happy to be five games under .500? Well, one more win against the Astros and it is six straight and heading home with higher expectations!

Heck, heading home with expectations at ALL is a monstrous improvement in a season of dreams dying in a permafrost of wintry gloom. Suddenly there is a heat wave and a light from beyond and that light is named HOPE.

Josh Hamilton had a double, scored a run and made an amazing catch in the outfield that warrants its own poster if Trout and Bourjos got one. Erick Aybar drove in two runs on a big bases-loaded single, Alberto Callaspo also cleaned up with runners in scoring position, Howie Kendrick and Chris Iannetta homered but the story was Joe Blanton.

Even though it is the Astros, Blanton stomped the life out of an American League opponent, allowing just two runs on three hits and two walks in seven innings pitched. Bluto struck out six – and the road out of below-five-hundred hell is a lot more possible!