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Cubs in Anaheim ANGELS Lineup

Jered Weaver on the mound.

The Weav
The Weav

The Angels lineup is the garden variety cruddy lineup favored by Mike Scioscia.

  1. Erick Aybar at SS
  2. Mike Trout in CF
  3. Albert Pujols not resting his sore feet at 1B
  4. Mark Trumbo is the DH
  5. Worthless Josh Hamilton is playing RF
  6. Howie Kendrick is the 2B tonight, and every night to his credit
  7. Alberto Callaspo is at 3B
  8. Chris Iannetta is the Catcher
  9. J.B. Shuck is in LF

Jered Weaver is on the mound but not batting because we are the progressive "with-it" league that does not subject its pitchers to batting, that doesn't subject our pitchers to removal based on the needs of the offense but rather delivers the pitcher whom the manager best asserts is needed at any given moment. This is a newer form of baseball but it is a purer, more refined game and superior in every way to the horse-and-carriage era structures of insisting the pitcher bat.

I care about a lot less this season right now than I did at the start of it but the Weav climbing up the all time franchise leaderboard is one thing that still gets me excited.