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Angels Come From Behind to Beat Cubs

Pujols Da Man

Make it Rain!
Make it Rain!


I guess it took the Cubs to bring out the St. Louis Cardinals version of Albert Pujols.

Hey, we'll take it.

Down 3-2 in the bottom of the eighth with two outs and a recent history of losing Albert Pujols looked out and saw an old beatable foe.

"Perhaps this is a mirage" he said to himself, probably in Spanish, "but the power of my GOATee should be enough to defeat this punching bag from Wrigley whose very fiscal livelihood seventy years ago was actually financed by the Pacific Coast League Angels playing in a better version of Wrigley Field on 41st Place and Avalon." Because you know Albert is also a baseball historian who knows how to use footnotes when needed.

Albert belted a two run homer to cap a three run eighth inning and make a winner out of Robert Coello and prevent an undeserved Loss from befalling the Quality Start-tossing Jered Weaver - the victim of two unearned runs from the hole in Alberto Callaspo's glove.

We can recall ths game as the one that Josh Hamilton actually got a game-winning rally started or the one that Howie Kendrick did not swing for a K at a low outside pitch with a runner in scoring position. Yes, future historians, it was this game!