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Halos Heaven Vegas All Star Week Meetup HOTEL UPDATE

Choose Your Own Hotel - nobody's group rates beat their single rate by so much that we need to get a group rate.

Mermaid's Gold!
Mermaid's Gold!

First, read the basic info on our annual All Star Game Week get together AT THIS LINK.

Every season Halos Heaven gets together in sin city for the All Star Game and refuses to disclose the details. But we keep going back and you are invited.

Instead of getting a group rate at a hotel and needing to meet a minimum number of rooms or risk that rate going up, I will be publishing a regular update of Downtown Vegas Hotel prices as listed on their websites. If you can find cheaper rates BOOK THEM.

July 14 Check In - July 18 Check Out UPDATED JULY 6:

EL CORTEZ - $25 per night LINK

THE PLAZA - $26 per night (plus $10 per night "resort fee") LINK

THE FOUR QUEENS - $31 per night (except Sunday which is $37) LINK

GOLDEN NUGGET (this is the ritziest hotel downtown) - $47 per night LINK

THE FREMONT - $32 per night (except Sunday which is $38) LINK

THE GOLDEN GATE - $25 per night LINK

THE "D" (formerly Fitzgeralds) - $38 per night LINK

We stay in Downtown Vegas as the hotel rates are cheaper, the drinks are cheaper and stronger and the food is just as good and is priced better. We do venture to the Strip to watch the big events - the All Star Game and the HR Derby at the sports books, so these get-togethers include a complete, well-rounded Vegas vacation.

We are welcoming, friendly bunch - your spouse who is not a hardcore Angels fan is welcome, if you have never met any of us in person you are welcome, if you have social anxiety issues you will feel right at home with this nerdy yet stylish bunch. There is no initiation ritual on the books - show up and you're one of us until you give us reason not to be. Mayhem wore a diaper one night and didn't cross the line, so we are talking latitude here.

I will be updating these prices every ten days or so, but most of the time if you see the rates rise, they do not come back down. Also these are the cheapest rooms at these hotels, for a few bucks more, great upgrades are usually available, check out the sites.