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Hunter Green LHP is Angels First Pick in 2013 Draft

Angels had the 59th pick in the draft and Scouting Director makes it count!

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Hunter Green tweeted this selfie moents after being drafted
Hunter Green tweeted this selfie moents after being drafted

The Angels did not have a pick in the first round of the 2013 MLB draft. Scouting Director Ric Wilson had to wait until Pick #59, deep in the second round to draft a player.

The Angels selected a Left Handed Pitcher out of Bowling Green, Kentucky named Hunter Green. This kid once struck out twenty in a no-hitter earlier this season. He has committed to the University of Kentucky which may up his price.

Here is a LINK TO A COMPLETE ANALYSIS of this exciting talent.

Born in 1995, Green is seventeen years-old and will turn eighteen on July 12. He was a consensus late first round pick and it seems to be a good sign that he dropped to #59 for the Angels.

Will Arte Moreno, the genius who declined to pay extra for draftees like pitcher Matt Harvey and catcher Buster Posey, will he find a few bucks in the seat cushion to sign this talent that was considered to be a possible first rounder? Not if those seat cushions are the empty seats his fans have abandoned after his best laid plans went south.

In a hopeful sign, the kid tweeted a picture of himself right after the news broke with the message WELL, I'M AN ANGEL NOW.

The Angels lost their first round pick which was awarded as a compensation round pick to another team. The team had lost a big free agent named Josh Hamilton. The Texas Rangers was that team.

The Angels lost a big free agent named Torii Hunter. The Angels did not get a compensation pick for this. Why? Because the baseball gods hate us. Let us hope their hate was aimed elsewhere this evening at the MLB Channel's studios and that a great one has landed in our laps.

TiqIQ's job is to find the best deals and sellers out there on the market, and for the Angels, check out the Angels schedule from TicketCity.