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Angels MLB 2013 Draft DAY 2 THREAD

Talk about the draft here.

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Hi Arte, don't be a cheapskate
Hi Arte, don't be a cheapskate

The Angels have pick #95 in the third round today which starts at #74 at 10 AM on the MLB Network

Today's proceedings are broadcast online AT THIS MLB.COM LINK.

Round 4: Angels have pick #127

Round 5: Angels pick #157

Round 6: Angels take #187

Round 7: Angels select #217

Round 8: Angels choose #247

Round 9: Angels nab #277

Round 10: Angels grab #307

Many of our current Angel were taken in these rounds. Really

J.B. Shuck was a sixth round pick. Chris Iannetta was a fourth round pick and debuted two years later. Howie Kendrick was taken in the tenth round of the June, 2002 draft and debuted less than four years later in April of 2006. Michael Roth was drafted in the ninth round last year and has already made it to the major leagues, albeit due to the duress of the big club's staff but still, that is something, right?

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