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Keynan Middleton is Angels 2nd Pick in 2013 MLB Draft

Pick #95 Overall - still in the real Top 100.

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Keynan's Twitter Profile Selfie
Keynan's Twitter Profile Selfie

The Angels had their second pick of the 2013 MLB Draft in the Third Round.

Keynan Middleton is a Right Handed Pitcher with what is best described as "Raw Tools". He is noted for his athletic build and was a Community College two-sport star, excelling at basketball as well. RHP out of Lane Community College in Oregon.

He has a cool twitter handle:

Born in September of 1993, he is nineteen years old and looks like a classic "project" - the Angels are certainly not going for any "quick-fixes" in that we would have seen them take polished senior 4-year college pitchers who could help in the bullpen at the major league level. This pick is a raw kid, green to the sport, but apparently as projectable as they come - he is also someone who might save the team a few dollars on a signing bonus that could be applied elsewhere, being a kid who might be flattered with this high a pick after having the reputation of being what many would consider to be a novice at the sport entirely. The Angels next pick is in the fourth round, #127.

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