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Elliot Morris is Angels Third Pick in 2013 MLB Draft

Tommy John project

Elliot Morris Twitter Profile Selfie
Elliot Morris Twitter Profile Selfie

Pierce College in Washington has delivered the Angels fourth round pick in the 2013 draft - Elliot Morris a Right Handed pitcher who projects to be a reliever. Born in April of 1992, this is one Angels prospect who can legally buy a beer.

When you google "Elliot Morris" there are all type of results returned, an Irish goalkeeper, a singer-songwriter, so where is this pitcher?

Ranked #4 prospect in Washington State by the Prospect Insider website, he is considered signable, hits 94 and has a few secondary pitches that are close to being polished. At 6' 4" he uses his size on the mound to his advantage and gets more sink to that fastball than most junior college arms.

His changeup and slier will need work but after coming back form Tommy John surgery and hitting 94, he appears to be is the kind of self-disciplined player who the Angels can fast-track on the learning curve.