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Harrison Cooney is Angels Fifth Pick in MLB 2013 Draft

Pick #187 overall be signed? be signed?
Kevork Djansezian

The Angels have selected Harrison Cooney, a Right Handed Pitcher out of Florida Gulf Coast University. His DOB: 03/23/92 - born a month before the L.A. Riots! He is the first pitcher taken in the draft from FGCU and you have to wonder if former Anegls überscout Tom Kotchman left some notes behind in the office upon his departure from the organization as this is the first Floridian taken in the draft by the Halos.

Cooney started the season as a reliever and finished it as a starter. Sound familiar? This is the third time in Angels history that the club has drafted pitchers with the first five picks in the draft. 1993 and 1999 were the others.

This is the fifth pitcher the Angels have taken with their first five picks in the draft.

Dude's got a Twitter account:

Looks like his jersey number 16 is already taken ...although that could have been his age when he started tweeting, right?

Here is a nice tweet about him earlier this season: