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Garrett Nuss is Angels Sixth Pick in 2013 MLB Draft

This is pick #217 overall

...fields of dream?
...fields of dream?
Dennis Grombkowski

The Angels pick from the seventh round of the 2013 MLB Draft is Garrett Nuss.

Analysts on he livecast knew nothing about him and it was funny to hear them stammer through superlatives about "life on his fast ball" and pitching in the Cape Cod League as having provided the player with a "pedigree". One of them even threw in "You can never have enough pitching." There was no short bio/synopsis on the MLB draft tracker and the seventh round is about where these predicted rankings start falling apart as the scouting internals of an organization surpass the MLB scouting PR department's depth chart.

This is the Angels Sixth pitcher taken in the draft in the first six picks - surpassing the five consecutive arms that previous Halo regimes selected in the 1993 and 1999 June drafts. At 6'1" he is the shortest of the six, the others all top out at 6'3" or taller.

Nuss is a right handed pitcher out of Seminole State, a college in Florida. He was born in April of 1993. Otherwise he is the international man of mystery.