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Nate Smith is the Angels Seventh Pick in the 2013 MLB Draft

#247 pick overall, Eighth Round

The welcome band!
The welcome band!
Mark Kolbe

The Angels took their seventh pitcher in seven picks, selecting Lefty Nate Smith.

He is out of Furman University in South Carolina born just two weeks after Mike Trout August 28, 1991

College seniors like him have less leverage in binus negotiations and he should be an easy sign.

Word around the internet is that he was a good student. Who cares? How was he throwing the damn ball? He has a great fastball and a Bert Blyleven Rainbow 12-6 curveball. I am not saying he will be as great as Bert Blyleven, I am saying his curvsball follows the same trajectory when thrown as Bert's did. the 12-6 is also the pitch of choice of Barry Zito for you kids who never saw Bert pitch.

So there, Nate Smith - future Hall of Famer or rockstar wannabe flameout. Or a pitcher in his own right who will carve his own legacy in the game given time.