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Angels Lose the Second Game in Fenway 7-2

In tonight's game, we were treated to Joe Buck, Tim McCarver, and Ken Rosenthal (sarcasm included if you wish). Unfortunately, the Angels did not give us the same treat. The Red Sox came out in the first inning and built on their lead from there.

Jim Rogash

The game was started by C.J. Wilson allowing the first three batters to get hits, allowing two runs. The headache was just beginning. Josh Hamilton batted second in the lineup and he was swinging at everything. Everything. And at one point, he decided it would be smart to HURL himself headfirst into first base... with back spasms... when down five runs in the eighth. Makes sense to me!

The Angels offense decided to stalled again and their two runs were obviously no match for what Boston was doing. Newcomer Brad Hawpe struck out three times, nearly earning himself the golden sombrero. Also, Albert Pujols was a no-show tonight. Are they going to send him to the DL yet? Because hearing "he's been battling plantar's fasciitis" is getting annoying and old. The one bright spot of the Angels hitting came from Howie Kendrick. Kendrick had three hits and seemed to be the only player to with a pulse when there was a bat in his hand.

Pitching? It only took Jerome Williams and C.J. to take care of this one. David Ortiz showed why he's called "Big Papi" to Williams and launched a ball deep into the seats at Fenway. The Red Sox starter, Clay Buchholz, showed up looking as greasy as ever. Should Bullfrog just sponsor him already?

Alright, now onto the next one. Tomorrow is an early game with a 10:35am start. If you're not in the Fox Sports West market, you can catch the game on TBS.

That's all for today. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday, even if this bummed you!