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Week 10 Pregame Picks Results

Week 10 Leaders: 1964 (1st), max peter (2nd)
Overall Leader: Ant Fan (New Leader)

Jim Rogash

Last week was a 2-4 week for the Angels...

Weekly results showed 1964 and max peter as the leaders for the week at 10 points a piece. 1964 missed the blackjack pick, but max peter managed to hit a 21 there so... to each his own on their path to the top! IM4kiss and fechera were just a tick off the top spot. Full results are here.

Overall, we finally have a new leader! Ant Fan has overtaken the rmhalofan leadership era. The point difference is only a single point though, so this could easily be a small blip on rmhalofan's winning streak. In 3rd is atlantangel who is only 3 points from the top. blast21dave is 4 back, bc56274 is only 5 back, and 3 others are only 6 back.

Who knows what will happen! Full results are here.