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REPORT: MLB to Suspend Braun, ARod, Among Others

After plenty of denials from Ryan Braun last year, he may be among a plethora of players who could be suspended after next week's All-Star Game.


According to ESPN's Outside the Lines, Major League Baseball requested to interview Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun to discuss his involvement with Biogenesis and its founder Tony Bosch. Braun is said to have "refused to answer questions" during this meeting. In 2011, he also took a urine test which showed high levels of testosterone which may have been caused by a performance-enhancing drug. Ryan Braun then issued statements in early 2012 claiming he had not done anything wrong and many believe he got away with it because of minor technicalities.

As for Alex Rodriguez, he is expected to meet with the league this week (OTL says Friday) and the Yankees third baseman is, of course, no stranger to these rumors. The fourteen-time All-Star and three-time MVP has even admitted to his use of steroids in 2009, saying he used them sometime during his tenure with the Texas Rangers.

But the names don't end with just Braun and Rodriguez, Outside the Lines' sources have said they are as many as twenty players who are linked to Biogenesis. Some of them are currently in the minors or are free agents. The following are reportedly involved:

  • Everth Cabrera (Padres)
  • Melky Cabrera (Blue Jays)
  • Francisco Cervelli (Yankees)
  • Bartolo Colon (Athletics)
  • Nelson Cruz (Rangers)
  • Gio Gonzalez (Nationals) *May have received only legal substances
  • Yasmani Grandal (Padres)
  • Fernando Martinez (Yankees)
  • Jesus Montero (Mariners)
  • Jordan Norberto (Free Agent)
  • Jhonny Peralta (Tigers)
  • Cesar Puuello (Mets)
  • Fautino de los Santos (Free Agent)

Source: ESPN Outside the Lines