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Angels Leave Wrigley Rubbled in 13-2 Slaughter of Cubs

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When Brendan Harris homers you know you gotta laugher...

David Banks

Final Score in Wrigleyville: Angels 13 Cubs 2

C.J. Wilson nibbled but even his full count flameouts were tolerable as the Angels scored five runs in the first inning and six more in the fifth to cakewalk their way out of Wrigley Field with an easy victory.

Speaking of Wilson, Erick Aybar told Jose Mota in a postgame interview "Today he did his job".

Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton hit back-to-back home runs for the first time this season and Josh Hamilton had the eighth multi-homer game of his career - the first in a National League park. Mike Trout was 2 for 4 with a walk and two doubles on his mom's birthday.

But now for the funny stuff. Brendan Harris hit a home run. Could George Carlin come up with a funnier line than that? Oh wait, there is more. Colin Cowgil had his first hit as an Angel and it turned out to be the first triple of his career. Mark Trumbo mashed a solo shot for his 20th dinger of the year. Yeah, that isn't funny except when he came back into the dugout, he had to take his helmet off before walking down the steps off the field or he would have scraped the top of the helmet on the ceiling of the Wrigley dugout. even after dehelmetting, the tips of Trumbo's spiky hair were getting flattened by the top of the ancient concrete midget-shelter. And here Eddie Gaedel played for the cross-town team.