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Joe Saunders Shuts Down Angels in Seattle

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Jerome Williams does a great Joe Blanton impersonation in allowing six runs to the weakest of baseball teams.

Photo not taken during national anthem
Photo not taken during national anthem
Otto Greule Jr

The Angels will not have a record above .500 by the All Star Break. They lost to the Mariners 8-3 in Seattle, and it really wasn't even that close.

Tony Reagins traded away Joe Saunders and signed free agent Jerome Williams so this one is perhaps doubly on him. Will we be blaming Tony Reagins for Angels losses for the next two seasons or the next ten?

There is not much else to say at this point. This was the easy game against the Mariners and Saundo was having none of the cakewalk blueprint Angels fans had laid out: Sweep the M's and be over .500 going into the All Star Break. Get to within six or seven games of Oakland and Texas and then look forward to thirteen games against each of those teams.

FLUSH... there went your dreams and hopes...

No use for an analysis, the break is almost here and the fifth starter for the Halos showed why he was the ninth starter on the depth chart back in April. Angels hitters share some of the blame but blah blah blah good night.