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Angels Shut Out in Seattle

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...and they become sellers in 3... 2... 1...

Otto Greule Jr

Instead of being a game above .500 or even near .500 the Angels will enter the All Star Break basking in the mediocrity that has defined their season so far.

The Halos were blown out in Seattle by the embarrassing score of 6-0. King Felix gave them a few opportunities early which they failed to cash in and then Hernandez went into cruise control. Meanwhile Jered Weaver was gassed in a thirty-plus pitch fourth inning and suffered a two-out barrage of runs in the sixth inning that put the game away.

When you ace is off just a hair and their ace is on you ain't goin' nowhere.

Hank Conger mis-handled the easiest throw and tag at the plate in baseball history in the the bottom of the fourth, leading tot he game's first run and forcing Weaver to pitch on fumes to get out of the inning. That mess came back to haunt the situation with three two-out hits in the sixth, the final being a three run Justin Smoak home run.

But this was a night that the Angels just could not master his highness Felix. And that was that, and perhaps even a little more as the slipping out of contention makes one start to look at the trade value of some parts of this sputtering machine of a baseball team.

Hope to see you all at our annual All Star Vegas Week!