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Our Halos Heaven Vegas All Star Week Diary!

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The Ladybug express landed ahead of all others in Vegas - the Ninth Annual Halos Heaven Vegas All Star Week has begun.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Every July, Halos Heaven heads to Sin CIty to watch the All Star Game together in a luxury casino sports book. We also watch the Home Run Derby. We also get a little wild. We're already a little crazy so the combination comes easy to us (you should know this by now).

THE ITINERARY THREAD for where to find us and to see what we are doing is LINKED HERE.

This is the thread for the All Star Week Festivities. It has BGEUN!

Darth Duane, Moondoggy, Ladybug and Red Floyd watched that sorry excuse for a Saturday Night Angels-Mariners Game at the bar at the Four Queens casino...


I don't know if we can handle the tales of them driving across the desert...

The Shadow of the Panther Slot is waiting to spit out money and PANTHER energy to any fan that wants to take it for a spin... (LADYBUG reports that a fat old broad with a San Diego Padres visor will not relinquish the machine).


Much more to follow!