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Halos Heaven Vegas Scavenger Hunt

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The Scavenger Hunt Includes my girlfriend and I eloping...

Can you find a needle in a haystack!?!?!
Can you find a needle in a haystack!?!?!
Jacob de Golish

Scavenger Hunt is composed of teams of two or three people. One must have a smart phone.

The scavenger hunt is taking photos.

Today's Scavenger Hunt involves taking photos of an Angels cap and the signage for as many casinos as you can. Each casino is worth 10 points. You need not even step foot in the Casino. Scavenger Hunt starts at Noon today.

Each security guard that you can get to pose with an angels cap on is 15 points

To score 100 points, take pictures of one or both team members in Angels gear in attendance at show up at Rev Halofan's surprise wedding today at the drive thru chapel in Downtown Vegas - Rev will be proposing to Leigh at 12:30 today in private but has already booked the Drive Thru wedding chapel for 3:00 PM today. Be There.

The Chapel is located at 555 South 3rd Street, Las Vegas 89101

Rev & His Bride To Be will pull up in the tunnel of love in a town car. Chapel Staff will tell you there are no photos allowed - ignore them please. You will get up to 100 points for pictures of the actual ceremony - 10 points per picture up to ten pics!

We all meet up at 5 PM at Ceasars Palace - Photos will be tabulated there!